How To Access The Dark Web With Qubes OS

Using Qubes to visit dark websites

The dark web has always aroused curiously. However, there are significant risks when you decide to explore the dark web. The question how to access the dark web safely can be puzzling for many people out there. Ideally, you should be equipped if you plan to explore the dark web.
The question that may come to your mind is how you need to equip yourself. Your computer should have the appropriate operating system. You need to go for a security-oriented OS and there can be no better option than Qubes.

How Qubes emerged on the forefront?

Well, Qubes emerged on the forefront way back in 2012. It balanced high security with ease of use. The truth is that it can be difficult to configure virtualization environments and this can be a time-consuming activity also so you need to have a quick solution to the problem.
The benefit of Qubes is that it can integrate virtualization into the system. The best part is that you do not need a lot of technical insight to install Qubes. What makes Qubes different is that it is based on Linux.
Plus, it provides user-experience similar to that of Linux. The desktop environment and the core architecture of Qubes is completely unique.
The reason people prefer to have Qubes installed on their system when visiting the dark websites is the security that they can acquire.
Another positive aspect about Qubes is that it isolates the hardware. As a result, it becomes easy for Qubes to manage the hardware and these hardware programs only get utilized when they are needed.
You can even isolate mails when using the Qubes OS. For example, if you receive a malicious email, then it will not do any damage to your system. There is no interaction between apps when you use Qubes and all your online activity gets deleted.

Qubes allows the use of VPN

When you are surfing the dark websites, then you are not willing to compromise your security by any means at all. The benefit of using Qubes is that you can even use a VPN with it. Qubes has the ability to protect different kinds of malware attacks. However, it will not be able to protect your internet traffic and this is the reason why you need a VPN.
When you have VPN with Qubes, then your traffic will remain encrypted and you can surf dark websites without a problem. What you need to keep in mind is that installing a VPN on Qubes is a lot different than installing a VPN on a traditional OS.
Qubes compartmentalization disrupts the function of the VPN clients. The different compartments are unable to communicate with each other and this is why it may become difficult for the VPN to protect all the compartments.
You will need a VPN guide so that it becomes easy for you to install a VPN on Qubes. You will need to be aware of the VPN configuration using the Network Manager. You can also carry out the configuration using the command-line.
When you decide to choose a VPN for Qubes, then there is one specific rule of the thumb that you must keep in mind. The VPN provider must offer OpenVPN configuration files. You will require these files so that it becomes easy for you to setup your VPN.
Ideally, go for a VPN that has a fast speed and offers a huge server selection at the same time.

Configuring Qubes with your system to visit dark websites

There is no denying the fact that Qubes is a versatile OS. If you plan to install this OS on your system and want to visit dark websites, then there are different things that you must keep in mind.
What you must remember is that unique architecture of Qubes may not function properly with different hardware. For example, if you are planning to use Nvidia GPU, then you may need to indulge in troubleshooting so that it can work properly with Qubes.
You will need about 4GB of RAM if you plan to use Qubes. Hard drive is also a matter of concern when you want to use Qubes. You will need about 32 GB of hard drive for installing Qubes. The good news is that Qubes supports AMD and Intel CPUs so you can use them with confidence.
Spend significant time in exploring Qubes if you wish to explore dark websites using this OS. Try to gather sufficient information about all the features. The benefit of this practice is that you will get well-versed with the system and will not have to face any technical hinderances at all at the end of the day.
Make sure that you install Qubes on your system today but again your objective should be legitimate and should not pose any potential risk.

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